Social Media acceptance:

The fight everyone looses with themselves.


With Facebook book founded or rather created just over a decade ago, 2004 in Cambridge Massachusetts in the United states to be precise. With The founder Mark Zuckerberg and a few of his partners : Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Severin and Andrew McCollum, no one anticipated that this Social media platform that was created for friends, families and people to connect would turn the world into such a grave place of people hurting and hating each other. When one looks back we realize how innocent this Social platform was when it was initially founded, it was a place where those that lost contact with old friends were able to re-connect  and the so-called introverts were able to also connect with new friends in hopes of turning that social media connection into a real life  one.



You might have noticed the use of the the term Connect or connection  a couple of times in the 1st paragraph, as I want to ensure that when one reads this piece they fully get the impact of disconnect between the real reason social was founded and the real reason it now used for. How did something that was innocently created become such a place where people are able to hate? speak badly about a person and in most cases rudely share their views on a certain topic? In a recent conversation I had with a friend he boldly explained that it here that one gets:

  • psychologists
  • accountants
  • therapists
  • relationship experts
  • life coaches
  • teachers

only to name a few so called Facebook professionals that really don’t really get paid to do what they are doing and are not qualified nor are they quantified to.

How did we get here you might ask? is it because we are too liberated that we have managed to do whatever the heck it is that we choose to even if its to the detrement of the next person’s ego? How do we even ensure that we get our points across without being judgmental, without being judged or crucified. Are we yet again as a people misusing something for our personal gain or to settle a personal gripe that we have long had with a person or people? Are we going to be able to get back back what and the essence that has been somewhat lost regarding this social media platform? Is it too late to even consider returning to the bases of why this social media platform was created in the 1st place? do we just tread forward and turn a blind eye on all of this and  pretend it’s not even happening?

In retrospect we all have the right do do and write whatever we choose to, but it might somewhat be worthwhile if we took even a minute to consider the feelings what we’d are going to write about might evoke. Are we posting to build or destroy? In the end what would we gain from it?

Considering the readers perception and feelings might save one from having to explain themselves. We should avoid being consumed and controlled by social media that we loose the essence of who we truly are, after all it is through these posts that we make an impression to others about ourselves.



Author: tumie_chrome_

Live for fashion! Love for truth! Enjoy life!

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